little fevers cooling cloths

Poor P caught a virus from daycare and was affected by a fever that came and went all week. It started Monday in the early evening with a temperature of 104.7, at which point we rushed her to urgent care; the doctor told us to keep her hydrated and to alternate infant Tylenol and infant Motrin every two hours. The only problem with that recommendation was that P would projectile vomit any time we tried to give her the meds.

She seemed to cool off during the day Tuesday and Wednesday – we kept her home – but she did have flare ups at night. Then Thursday morning I was all finished getting ready for work when I touched her and realized she was burning up again. I took her temp and it registered 103.2. Stupidly, I tried to feed her infant Tylenol in her sleep and she immediately threw up all over herself, the bed, and me (in my work clothes) as I frantically picked her up to prevent her from choking. (Yes, I am in the running for Worst Mom of the Year!) She slept for most of the morning, although she did roll off the couch while asleep – I was trying to get some work done – and fell flat on her face, resulting in an awful rug burn on her nose. (That sealed it – I officially win the title of Worst Mom 2010!) I took her in to the doctor again and they were fairly certain that the ongoing fever meant she was still recovering from a viral infection, and confirmed that she didn’t sustain any serious injuries from her fall.

Luckily, she seemed better yesterday evening and did not have a temperature this morning, so she is back in daycare today, but I feel as though I’ve aged 10 years over the past 5 days! As a mother, there cannot be anything worse than seeing your child sick and helpless. I tried cool baths and compresses, both of which seemed to help since she was getting little, if any, medication down. This was available at the drugstore when I went to pick up the infant Motrin and I wish I had spent the money on these instead:

I am a fan of the “Little” products: Little Noses Saline Mist, Little Tummies Gripe Water, etc. Here’s to hoping your child(ren) is/are never seriously ill!


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