peltor junior earmuff

Yesterday we took P to her first Dodgers’ game. I had worried about how a 9-month old would handle a long sporting event, but she was an absolute champ. Since P hates loud noises, I had bought the Peltor Junior Earmuff from Amazon a couple of months ago in preparation for a day like this, and had been itching to put them to use. We tried them on P at home when she was almost 7 months, and I knew they were comfortable enough that she would wear them without fussing. P wore them as soon as we got to the stadium on Sunday afternoon and kept them on until the game was over – for nearly 4 hours! She even fell asleep for 1.5 hours with them on, and at times it got incredibly loud in Dodger stadium. They are also adjustable, so P can wear them well into her elementary school years and probably beyond. I highly recommend these earmuffs for infants at sports games, concerts, or any event with large crowds. Currently available for $14.99 at, and eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping!

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